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The phrase Home Health Care refers to medical and skilled nursing care delivered at clients’ homes, as opposed to the personal and support home care.

Home Health Care is delivered through trained medical / health care professionals such as registered nurses, licensed nurse practitioners, therapists, physicians, and other specialists.

Home health care services are generally delivered to clients with terminal illness, seniors with health issues, people who have undergone surgery or other medical procedures, and other who can get the health services at home rather than an institutional setting (ex. hospital, nursing home or assisted living facility).

Note that many home care agencies will provide both Supportive / Personal Home Care services using home aides and Home Health Care services using skilled nursing professionals. Hence, depending on your specific needs, you can choose an agency with required credentials and service capabilities.

If you do not need any medical services, then an agency with personal / supportive services alone can be contracted.

Some of the medical services that can be availed are:

  • Diabetes support
  • Alzheimer’s support
  • Rehabilitation services after a medical procedure
  • Skilled nursing care for other health issues
  • Hospice support

When to Choose Home Health Care

Home health care is the best option for senior with long term health care requirements. It could also be used for short term recoveries and rehabilitation services. Home health care option provides the best cost savings when compared with a hospital, nursing home or an assisted living facility, as the services can be availed based on the individual needs.

How to Pay for Home Health Care

Home health care services are generally covered by Medicare / Medicaid as well as Health Insurance coverage. However, there may be several restrictions and coverage limits, which will need private insurance or out-of-pocket payments (aka self-pay). Please check out Home Care Payment Options section for more information.

How to Locate a Home Health Care Agency

Home health care agencies can be easily located using our In-Home Care and Home Health Care Locator available online as well as mobile apps for smart phones and tablets. The directory includes both non-medical and medical home care providers with detailed profiles on services provided.


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