Here are answers for some of the frequently asked questions on in-home care and home health care.

What is Home Care?

Home Care refers to services such as personal care, supportive care, medical care and specialized care delivered to seniors and patients at their own homes. Trained care givers visit the clients’ homes at predetermined times and / or intervals and deliver necessary care services. Home Care is also known as In-Home Care and Home Medical Care.

Why should I choose for Home Care?

Patients and seniors prefer to receive the care at their own familiar setting, which is their home. Instead of staying at hospitals, nursing homes or assisted living communities, clients will reside at their homes and receive personal care and medical care from trained professionals (or care givers). The primary advantage of choosing Home Care is the cost. Home care delivery is much cheaper than onsite service delivery at hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

In today’s economic environment, many consumers may not be able to afford the cost of long term of care in medical / health care facilities and senior living communities.

What is Private Duty Home Care?

Private Duty Home Care organizations provide broad range of services from medical and nursing care to bill paying and transportation services. Their goal is to provide whatever the aged, ill or disabled or their families need in order for their loved ones to remain in independence where they most want to be – in their homes. Private Duty Home Care is another terminology used for In-Home Care or Home Medical Care.

Who pays for Home Care?

It depends on the agency and type of care provided. Also, your eligibility and coverage conditions may vary with Medicare, Medicaid or Private Insurance. In many cases, out of pocket expenses may have to be paid by you depending on your coverage. Please check the Home Care Payment Options section for more detailed information.

What are the types of Home Care?

Home Care is defined used various terminologies by various constituents. Also, many of these terms are used in an interchanged manner by most consumers.

  • Home Care
  • Home Medical Care
  • Home Maker and Home Aide service
  • Private Duty Care
  • Specialized Medical Care
Please visit Home Care Services section for a more detailed explanation of various types of home care services.

What types of services are provided?

Again, the type of services are classified in various ways. Here is a list of services by category:

How to locate Home Care Agencies?

Finding the right in-home care provider does not have to be difficult. The In-Home Care / Home Medical Care Agency Locator contains the comprehensive database of thousands of home care, hospice and home medical care agencies. Use our home care resource directory to find all the agencies in your preferred area of the country. You can also download the Mobile App for your smart phone or tablet, so you can have all the information in your finger tips.

How to choose a Home Care Agency?

While finding a Home Care Agency is easy with our agency locator service (via online or mobile app), choosing one involves little bit of work and research. Before calling any agencies or care givers, utilize the resources on our websites to prepare yourself to ask the right questions. Depending on your service requirements and financial situation, you may have to select an agency meeting your needs.

Are all Home Care Agencies Medicare Certified?

Not necessarily; hence it is essential to check with the agency regarding the payment options while vetting their capabilities and credentials, before availing their services. Keep in mind that even if an agency accepts Medicare payments, your specific case may not be eligible for Medicare payment in all situations.

Are all Home Agencies State Certified?

Many states require home care service providers to have a license to operate in the state. To obtain a license, a provider must meet the basic legal and operating standards imposed by the state department of health. Your state health department can provide you with information on its licensed providers.

Are all Home Care Agencies Accredited?

Through a voluntary process, many home care providers seek accreditation from these organizations to signify that they have met national standards for quality care. Home care accrediting agencies include the Accreditation Commission for Home Care, Inc., the Community Health Accreditation Program, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, the National Committee for Quality Assurance, and the National HomeCaring Council. Consider contacting one or more of these organizations for information about their accredited members.


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