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  Nanjing Chaoyang Engineering Machinery was established in 1998, is a manufacturer with nearly 20 years experience in engineering machinery. Chaoyang Engineering Machinery quote the German advanced heat treatment technology, using the domestic advanced production lines, employing more than senior engineer, professional crushing hammer drill rod, bushings, flat pin, cylinder and other consumable research and production. Chaoyang brand hammer drill rod is made of special alloys, using the precision machining technology and advanced German gas, nitriding and manufacturing. Chaoyang brand Rod has high strength, high toughness and difficult to break, etc., since the sun licensing Rod from the market, with excellent quality, competitive price, satisfactory service, the majority of customers have been appreciated.
  Han hegemony, new water mountain, Chaoyang Chaoyang Engineering Machinery competent licensing hammer. Ensure the movement of imports, the use of factory production of cylinder bushings, flat pin, drill rod and other accessories. Quality is guaranteed, the price advantage, cost-effective.
  We uphold the "quality first, customer satisfaction," the operating principle. We hired more experts crushing industry and extensive cooperation with a number of research institutes, trying to lead the sunrise brand drill rod drill rod industry. We always will be excellent quality, competitive price, good reputation look forward to working with you to create brilliant.



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Address:Nanjing Xiaguan District shogunate Road No. 99-22  Nanjing city Qixia District earth Elly Bay Astra No. 12 -6
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