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  • Partial fight problems

    pjbet葡京娱乐场887700  Hammer drill rod inside and outside the liner, piston and other parts of aging, worn heavy, usually installed after Rod will not save the correct working position, causing the piston and drill rod battered parts of the work incomplete contact, resulting in partial fight phenomenon. Hammer operator should pay attention to the hammer routine maintenance and timely replacement of worn parts of aging. In addition, there will be similar problems breaker operation to fight serious human bias. Because Accessories aging or man-made causes of migraine fight the claims will not be accepted.

  • Hit parts breakage problems (a)

    Hit parts breakage problems (a)  When insufficient material strength or the presence of particulate impurities hammer drill rod between the piston and occurs when the following phenomenon, this phenomenon is not a one-off or produced in a short time: in the hammer small particles of impurities occurs between the piston and the of the drill rod, rod making subtle fragmentation appears at the , after several broken parts of the fight against the spread of the formation of such a phenomenon. Users should always pay attention to the job situation, to prevent the situation worsening, not to cause unnecessary damage to the breaker, early detection of problems, preventing the scourge in the first place. Such situations can use less than 150mm compensation; 150mm ~ 250mm, can compensate half; more than 250mm can not receive compensation.

  • Hit parts breakage problem (b)

    葡京娱乐场手机版11221  Material itself has the slight crack case, such as the occurrence of phenomenon, especially piston strike force is large, the drill rod is attacked the spot will be instantly shattered when the operator should timely detection of problems, if they continue to use in crushing hammer drill rod pieces will damage the piston, such problems belong to problems of raw materials can get compensation.-新莆京投注网站

  • Runaway problem

    Runaway problem  This phenomenon in the operator to play or offset by more, is the use of the operator is not skilled or concentrated and the consequences of the consequences, should be found in the problem, and to smooth the damaged place. Otherwise falling iron may along the drill rod and broken hammer sleeve slit on the upstream, until the piston and rod collided with the site, leading to drill rod hit location and double piston damage. This situation will not be accepted.

  • Rod flat sales at break

    Rod flat sales at break  When the raw material itself unstable impurities, there may be invisible tiny cracks in the surface drill rod. After heat treatment, the harm that crack use when Rod will show immediately. For this reason the fracture surface often form a very neat, like cutting in general, this situation can be compensated.

  • Material defects

    Material defects  Internal material bad: When steel vacuum degassing is not ideal, resulting in air bubbles inside the material. This material cracking phenomenon occurred along the point where the gas after the heat treatment, resulting in the use of drill rod prone to cracking. Crack-like surface, such as cutting levels. This case belongs to the bad material, can be compensated.

  • Lever operation (a)

    Lever operation (a)  When the drill rod broken in half, the two have an uneven surface and fracture surface cracks along the broken obvious starting point generated. This is not standard hammer operator lever operation, miter jobs, and jobs caused by traction: Rod and the object or surface adjacent breaker under great stress side, which has greatly exceeded drill rod can withstand stress range . This fracture plane direction often associated with flat pin direction. Such cases will not be accepted claims, hope operator regular

  • Lever operation (b)

    Lever operation (b)  Rod broken into three pieces, the three sides are concave in the middle of a triangular irregular shape. It is used in the drill rod has penetrated into the object, and then swing back and forth, drill rod in the object or breaker adjacent surface under great stress fracture generated, which has more than drill rod can bear the stress range, section direction should be consistent with flat pin direction, these problems will not accept a claim, the operator need attention.

  • Mushroom roll phenomenon

    Mushroom roll phenomenon  When Rod operating at greater hardness working environment, pummeled too long will drill rod front temperature, decarbonization softened, resulting in a huge mushroom-shaped precipitation striking force. Hammer job should be noted: hammer blow at the same time should not be in a row more than 30 seconds, if a long strike could not be broken object, change hit point after attempt. Such problems can not accept a claim, please continue to use its own, after sharp.

  • Tip forged problem

    Tip forged problem  Chaoyang Rod for the general operation and design and production of hydraulic breaker, the user should pay attention to the timely replacement of the drill rod will be free to excessive forged parts Rod was hit by excessive force, thereby forming a damaged, for such problems, the manufacturers will not be claims accepted the request.

  • Tip breakage

    Tip breakage  Drill rod tip with high hardness, at the beginning of the use of, should not be used big blow force, or directly in the hardness over large rocks and other local operations. New drill rod operation before first with smaller strike force to warm-up period of time, the drill rod to adapt to conditions of work, then normal operation. Like people do warm-up exercise. This will make the drill rod play a better state. Also in the disintegration of the reinforced concrete structure, rod tip card into the reinforced after forcibly pulled operation will appear this kind of phenomenon. Such problems can not be compensated, please handle the use of sharp.

  • Rod bending  Left is less than the product manufacturer bending caused by the heat treatment. Users to use, there has been no standard lever or pulling operation, if the hardness of the normal drill rod, apt to break, but because of the hardness of drill rod is not high, but still in toughness, resulting in a bent, curved direction often associated with flat pin position. Such cases were unsubstantiated heat treatment to obtain compensation.

  • Rod cracking phenomenon

    Rod cracking phenomenon  Left is obvious quality problems of raw materials: use a relatively low level of quality of raw materials, due to billet forging compression than not enough, leading to its own strength and steel in the smelting, high impurity content, often prone to this serious problem. Chaoyang card drill rod made of alloy steel with high quality of raw materials, strict quality control. Put an end to a similar phenomenon, please use the user.



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